Just who do we think we are?

Fireracker is many things, but all those things have to do with technology and making it work for people. And with people. And sometimes with robots.

First, we are a reseller of computer and networking gear suitable for everyone from the noobiest noob to the most global of global enterprises. So whether you need one wireless router for your dorm room or a wireless mesh setup for your 10,000-person company, we’ve got you covered. With mesh. Wirelessly. Metaphorically, too.

Second, we are a technology services provider. Fireracker currently delivers services in 97% of the United States, which means our people can be on-site or at your home tomorrow. Or even today. (But not yesterday, as we’re clean out of flux capacitors.) Even if you have 500 offices or facilities or homes, we can be at all of them tomorrow. Which is impressive. Although not as impressive as the person with 500 homes. Yowza.

Third, we’re based in Frisco, Texas, which is just north of Dallas, and features an Ikea that we’ve only lost three sales reps in. Our goal is to always treat you well, deliver on our promises and never make you feel ignorant just because you don’t know what Level 4 KPE-99s are. Hint: They're nothing. We made that up.

We are located on Google Maps and in real life at:


10570 John W. Elliott Drive
Suite 800
Frisco, Texas 75033