Warranties. Because we’re not selling stuff out the back of van.

Manufacturers' Warranties:
Almost everything you’ll find at Fireracker comes with a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. Anything that does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty is clearly labeled as such on the product page. But don’t worry, because for items that do not include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, we provide one. The kids from 2003 call that doing you a solid.

Fireracker 90-day Warranty:
For all new, factory-sealed products, we provide a ninety- (90) day replacement warranty. If something goes horribly askew in the first 90 days, we’ll ship out a replacement posthaste (that’s hobbit-speak for ASAP). Usually that’s the same day you request the replacement. We will also issue you a free return shipping label to send back the thing that disappointed you. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser, so don’t be touting it on eBay.